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Havertown United Methodist Church

"For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them"

Matthew 18:20

Welcome to Havertown United Methodist Church. All are invited to worship with us. Sunday services are at 11AM except during summer at 9:30am. We have two worship campuses, 200 Brookline Blvd and at 1108 Steel Road both in Havertown PA.

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Our Staff


     Rev. Jacqueline Hines, Pastor                          Rev. Brenda Del Rosario, Outreach Pastor                     Moon Jung Lee, guest Organist

     Yukiko Ishida, Director of Music                                                     Donna Flanagan, Church Secretary                                             

Easter Egg Hunt
Saturday, April 8 at 1 pm - 200 Brookline Blvd.
Egg Hunt, Snacks, Crafts, Story, Fun!
To reserve your space: Call the office, 610-789-1700
Leave a message with name and number att


Upcoming Events -
also see the Events Page


Sunday Worship Service,
Union Campus

11:00 AM

 Palm Sunday 

200 Brookline Blvd.

Holy Week

Apr 6 - Maundy Thursday Service - St. Lukes UMC - 7pm
Apr. 7 - Good Friday Service - Ardmore UMC, Noon-1pm
Apr.8 - Easter Egg Hunt, 1-3pm - Union Campus
Apr. 9 - Easter Sunrise Service - Hope Campus - 7am


568 Montgomery Ave Bryn Mawr

   200 Argyle Rd. Ardmore

200 Brookline Blvd.

1108 Steel Road


Easter Sunday Service
Union Campus

11 AM

200 Brookline Blvd.


Hope Food Bank
Hope Campus

Noon to 1:30pm

1108 Steel Road


Sunday Worship Service,
Union Campus

11:00 AM

200 Brookline Blvd.

                                        ALL ARE WELCOME:  
Havertown United Methodist Church affirms Jesus’ example and teaching to love God and to love others as you love yourself.   Therefore, we celebrate our diversity and recognize the sacred worth and dignity of all persons regardless of:

Race ~ Age ~ Culture ~ Citizenship ~ Sexual Orientation ~ Gender Identity ~ Economic Status ~ Family Configuration ~ Difference in Ability

Help for those in Need

Information for gifts to Havertown UMC is found on the Give page.
Information for gifts to the Hope Food Bank is on the Ministries page.

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